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what people are saying

  • Coffee is a necessity (okay, not technically, but in my world it ranks right up there). When buying this "necessity" you know you are supporting sustainable agriculture and giving back to the environment.  It's a win/win.  Plus, I'm always eager to experiment with new methods for making my morning coffee, and the AeroPress is offered at a very reasonable price point.  It's also a really convenient size, for those of us who don't live in ginormous houses.


  • I love you guys' coffee. The Loblolly is such a perfect light roast, I adore it and can't wait to try the other roasts as well. I had been hoarding my one bag for months trying to ration it and then decided to just go all in with Rebel Pine subscription since yours was the coffee I was enjoying the most. It's like a little taste of the south all the way up here in chilly New England and it always brings a smile to my face when I brew a cup. Thanks for all that you do (with coffee and the environment!) - I love supporting companies making a difference. 


  • I'm very picky about my coffee. Ordered the Knobcone and couldn't be happier. Very smooth body and great flavor palette.... and perfectly comforting. I'll be putting in a subscription for sure!

    Meagan M

  • I've tried several Aeropress brews at some local coffee shops, so I was happy to take hold of the Adventure Pack to get some delicious coffee along with my own Aeropress. I'm happy with how easy to use the Aeropress is. It's compact, cleans up quickly, and assembles even quicker.

    Aeropress Newbie

  • I ordered the rotating coffee subscription, half for the sole fact of all the good Rebel Pine is doing! The other half, well...I am a coffee addict. The freshness that came from simply opening the bag had me all giddy. I ground, brewed, and shared the first cup with my husband and our neighbors and we instantly fell in love.


  • Knobcone is smooth and luscious and it's medium body provides just the right blend of toasty yum!


  • My wife and I love Foxtail! It's a delicious brew every time -- and my wife is asking me to order two bags next time! The beans smell like they were roasted the day they arrived and even better when freshly ground. I love the rich, nutty flavor; the boldness is not acidic and not overpowering either. This one gets savored and gulped -- it's delicious!


  • I loved this coffee roast a lot. Light in color and bright in taste. Perfect for an early morning ride and shine. And apparently more caffeine than a dark roast, even better!


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