We have a passion for great-tasting coffee coupled with a love for the beautiful outdoors - which inspired us to explore how we could use our talents to build a more purpose-driven life together. We quickly realized our calling: channeling your thirst for coffee into a force for global good!

Rebel Pine is an online retailer that exists not only to equip our fellow nature enthusiasts with good coffee, but to improve the lives of workers and steward the protection of the planet. We ensure we only source coffee from growers utilizing eco-conscious techniques and fair trade practices, but our commitment runs deeper than that.

At least one percent of our sales - not profits - is donated to grassroots organizations devoted to restoring the environment through a partnership with 1% for the Planet. We also work with environmental nonprofits to plant a tree in deforested areas in Sub-Saharan Africa for every bag of Rebel Pine coffee sold, helping to alleviate extreme poverty and restore healthy forests.

Don't settle for bland coffee, elevate your cup!

We offer 3 varieties of 100% organically grown Arabica coffee beans in whole bean or ground.


Knobcone Medium Roast

Flavors of apricot, honey, and caramel

"Breakfast Blend" great for getting your day started


Hemlock French Roast

A special collaboration with artist Liz Lang & the Hemlock Restoration Initiative

Medium, yet full body 

Smooth nutty flavor with low acidity


Foxtail Dark Roast 

Dark espresso blend

Flavors of dark cocoa, dark brown sugar, dark chocolate and cinnamon, with a smoky finish