Rebel Pine stems from a need to create change.

A passion for great-tasting coffee coupled with a love for the beautiful outdoors inspired us to explore how we could use our talents to build a more purpose-driven life together through a business that gives back and provides a delicious, quality product.

Our business is rooted in providing great tasting, honorably-produced coffee, but it’s also our way of contributing to the preservation and restoration of wild lands. Additionally we seek to help improve the lives of coffee workers and the environment. We ensure we only source coffee from growers utilizing eco-conscious techniques and fair trade practices, but our commitment runs deeper than that.

At least one percent of our sales – not profits – is donated to grassroots organizations devoted to restoring the environment through a partnership with 1% for the Planet. We also work with environmental nonprofits to plant a tree in deforested areas in Sub-Saharan Africa for every bag of Rebel Pine coffee sold, helping to alleviate extreme poverty and restore healthy forests.

Why the name Rebel Pine?

The idea of a “rebel” is about being rebellious, standing up and speaking out, being your own person, and sometimes doing the hard thing. We paired it with “pine” because we love the outdoors, specifically trees, and wanted our brand to be recognized as a good environmental steward  (read Our Triple Bottom Line). And together we liked the image that a “rebel pine” conjured...standing tall in a forest or growing where it may be difficult.


Hi! We're Shaw + Megan Gravitt.

After helping other entrepreneurs and side hustlers realize their big ideas working in the web development and marketing arenas, we decided it was time to launch a purpose-driven endeavor of our own.

We turned away from our careers and the never-ending traffic of Atlanta – where we met – to move to Asheville, North Carolina, in search of a more intimate, creative community, craft beer that makes you feel honored to enjoy it, and the open and accessible outdoors. But most importantly, we desired to design a lifestyle of our choosing. One where we could express our creativity and explore our passions – one of which is COFFEE!

Shaw is a deep thinking, tree high-fiving, hiker and camping enthusiast with a penchant for building kickass websites, and is an "everyman barista." He makes their coffee every morning, drinking his black, blended with coconut oil, or with a splash of cream. Megan is a high-energy, design aficionado, marketing consultant, and vintage home good lover with amateur camping chops...oh and she takes her's with cream and sugar, thank you. Together, we’re a couple of rebels with a cause – protecting the planet’s natural beauty one cup of coffee at a time.