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Knobcone Medium Roast

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The Guarantee

It's simple. We think our coffee is awesome, but if you choose a roast that doesn't speak to you, we want to fix it for you.

If you don't LOVE your coffee, let us know, and we'll send you a different roast. No questions asked.

We want to make sure you are happy with your purchase.

USDA OrganicFair Trade Certified

Our Knobcone blend is our medium roast. In many coffee drinking circles, this most closely resembles a "Breakfast Blend," great for getting your day started. We like to think of it as a workhorse coffee, making it pretty damn good in almost all situations. Brew up a strong cup, take a seat in a quiet place, and get your mind right to take on the day. 

Yes, you are correct, it's absolute deliciousness!

The flavors!

The flavors of this coffee resemble its color. While sitting quietly during your morning meditation you will enjoy flavors of apricots (sounds awesome – because it is), a little sweetness, with a wonderful flavor of honey, and finally the scrumptious taste of caramel.  Our Kobcone roast is 100% organically grown Central American arabica beans. 

Why Knobcone?

The Knobcone is known as the dragon of the tree world. Dragon?! Knobcone Pines are tough trees, growing in the poorest soils, and guess what, they need fire to reproduce (kinda like a dragon). The cones only open up when the are heated to a really high temperature – much hotter than you would want for your coffee. Cool thing is, the cones can stay good for up to 50 years, so sometimes they have to wait awhile for a smoking hot party to start sowing their wild oats. 

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