Damn I Love Coffee: The Ritual

Damn I Love Coffee: The Ritual

“Routine, in an intelligent man, is a sign of ambition.”

― W. H. Auden

There are so many different reasons we love to drink coffee.

Most mornings I enjoy painstakingly making my coffee by hand. It’s a manual process involving a hand grinder and an AeroPress. I believe it starts my morning off in a productive direction.

It’s my coffee ritual.

You may be thinking “ritual” is a bit of a strong word to use when talking about making and drinking coffee.

I say, you need to step up your coffee game.

According to a quick Google search, a ritual is “the prescribed order of performing a ceremony, especially one characteristic of a particular religion or church.”

Now, I don’t know about you, but I make my coffee in a pretty prescribed order most days – this way I know I am going to get the best cup of joe possible.

And my religion, in this instance, is the euphoric bliss, energy, and productive drive to get shit done!

I look forward to standing alone in my kitchen slowly grinding my beans, warming my water, pressing it all through my AeroPress, making coffee just the way I love it.

After the process of brewing is completed. I look forward to taking a moment out of my morning, even if only for a short time, to sip and savor a drink I made with an abundance of (possibly unnecessary) effort.

Your coffee ritual may not involve a slow brewing process, but you probably still have your own process.

If you don’t believe me, next time you are about to drink a cup of coffee, stop and bring yourself to the moment and watch how you pour it. How you add in just the right amount of cream, just a touch of sugar (if that is you thing). How you lightly blow off a little bit of steam before you take your first sip. How you feel as the hot liquid goes down your gullet. And the feeling you have when your brain says “Thank you. I needed that.”

Your ritual might involve using the same favorite mug, sitting in the same chair and reading your new book, skimming the top news stories of the day, or more likely, looking through Instagram and Facebook.

My ritual of slowly making coffee by hand may be unique. My sister-in-law has her own morning coffee ritual. Every day she makes coffee with her Aeropress and our Foxtail dark roast, sits in the same spot on their couch and reads. But 9 times out of 10 she never finishes a full cup (so my brother says). She also makes it way weaker than I personally would, making me wonder if she even gets enough caffeine to wake herself up after taking care of her newborn. She also adds in her favorite flavored creamer as well, so it is not solely for the taste of coffee either. She absolutely loves the ritual of making the coffee and sitting with a hot cup for a few minutes every morning.

Sometimes the ritual of making and drinking coffee is just as important as the caffeine and the taste.

So whenever you have your next cup of coffee, stop and enjoy your ritual no matter how small or meaningless it might seem. It’s just as important for your mental clarity as the caffeine.


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