What's Your Coffee Adventure?

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What's Your Coffee Adventure?

Many of you may have started to receive a postcard in your recent orders asking:

"What adventure does your coffee fuel?"

This simple statement has become somewhat of a mantra for Shaw and me for 2018. We talk a lot about seeking adventure; it's out there waiting for you. But to some of you this may seem daunting, even impossible, because you're busy with kids, work, life....and the idea of getting out on the trail, on the water, in the woods, on the beach, wherever, seems far off and unlikely.

We want you to know, that your coffee-fueled adventures can be however you interpret them, whether across the sea or simply down the street. You choose how you seek adventure, big or small.

We're here to help not only fuel them, but make them remarkable

In fact, we take this idea, this mantra, so much to heart that we are turning it into a little contest!! We encourage you to tag your coffee-fueled adventures on Facebook or Instagram with #RPAdventures to be featured on our social channels, but also a chance to WIN a 5-month coffee subscription of your choice! One winner will be randomly selected on March 31st for our 1-year anniversary! (See contest rules below)

If you need a little inspiration, here are our parents: Bill, Ann, Michael, and Pam, who helped Shaw and me find our way to owning this business, caring for our environment, and more importantly, seeking adventure together!

This is my dad Bill back in the late 70’s hiking in The Smokies. He actually hates coffee...calls it “burnt water,” so he loves that his daughter grew up to own a coffee biz (and yeah my brother drinks it daily too), but he loves that it encourages people to be adventurous and protect our lands. Because dad has a huge thirst for adventure, whether it’s (hopefully) hiking portions of the AT this spring with Shaw and my brother Zach, cycling up mountains in north Georgia, or simply taking a walk around the neighborhood with my mom. He’s a man with a true adventurous spirit... we’ll try not to fault him for his poor taste in caffeinated beverages. 

This is my mom Ann, also in the 70’s hiking in western NC. My dad Bill always says he wanted to date her for her backpack – I mean just look at that sexy exoskeleton beast! Even today I sometimes use her original navy down-filled sleeping bag, despite the occasional lumps and smell of moldy goose feathers. Ann is a fiercely passionate lady (which may have trickled down a generation or two 😉  ) who has climbed many “mountains” in her life so far and has a goal to see as many National Parks as possible now that my dad has retired. And, unlike me and Shaw's fathers, she is a devout lover and drinker of coffee – thank God someone in the families understand how to reach Nirvana! 

This is Shaw’s dad Michael. Back in the 70’s while skiing out West, he took this “selfie” with a real camera, not knowing at all if he was in frame. I think he nailed it! This year Michael turns 70, and to celebrate, he’s taking all his sons and sons-in-law on a week-long rafting trip down the Colorado River and through the Grand Canyon (where I’m sure lots of coffee and other “beverages” will be drank). What a hell of a way to head into a new decade! To you Michael, we salute and cheers you – thanks for being a damn fine example of how to celebrate adventure at any age!

This is Shaw’s mom, Pam, back in the 70’s while she was in college in Georgia. Pam is one of the most creative people we know, constantly crafting remarkable creations. This past Fall she made a bold and brave move to the beach by herself for 6 months so she could focus on her art, embrace spontaneity, and find her own adventures....Although I’m told it was quite an adventure raising Shaw and his two siblings — with Shaw being the wild man of the bunch and known as “difficult.” But she saw in his wild man nature that it was simply a reflection of her creative streak and his own need for adventure. We raise our adventure fuel mugs to you Pam, a brave and courageous woman painting beautiful adventures in your own unique way! 


Happy Adventuring Rebels!



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Carole Hagen
Carole Hagen

January 31, 2018


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