8 Reasons Why Coffee Is The Most Badass Holiday Gift Ever

8 Reasons Why Coffee Is The Most Badass Holiday Gift Ever

1. It is the most consumed beverage in the world

Coffee is enjoyed all over the world. Americans alone drink 400 million cups of coffee a day!

Don’t know what to get someone? Statistics show they’re probably a coffee drinker.

And the great thing about coffee is there is a huge variety of flavors, types, style, colors, designs…. you always have plenty of options to choose from.

Coffee can be the gift for that person who has everything or that person you barely know.

2. Crazy people can regift

We all know a crazy person or two who doesn’t drink coffee. (I mean truly crazy.) I have four in my immediate family, and Megan has one. But a great thing about coffee is that even those crazy people know someone else that loves coffee, they can always regift. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Both Megan and I have received coffee from our dads (some of those crazy people) on several occasions that they got from clients and coworkers. And we love getting free coffee!

Coffee is a safe gift. Need a gift for a Secret Santa or the company White Elephant party? Coffee is the way to go. If someone gets coffee and they don’t like it, they can turn around and trade it or give to someone else as a gift. When have you ever seen coffee not fought over? 

3. You contribute to their happiness

Coffee has this magical chemical in it call caffeine. Ever heard of it?

There have been dozens and dozens of studies showing the mood-boosting abilities of caffeine. By giving someone coffee as a gift what you’re really doing is giving them the gift of happiness, and isn’t that a huge part of why we give gifts anyway?

With coffee they will be happy not only when they receive it BUT when they sip it each and every morning for the next several weeks.

If the coffee is a gift for someone you see every day, then you are also contributing to your own happiness as well. Happy people make other people happy.

4. Increased productivity

Giving to a coworker or someone you manage?

You have just contributed to their productivity, and that is what great leaders do! And that leads to your promotion. Ok, maybe not the most direct path to a promotion, but it’s good to have productive people around.

Caffeine not only contributes to higher levels of happiness, it also helps with productivity. Think about how much faster your project could be completed if everyone was well caffeinated. Or how much more you and your partner could get done at home with the right dosage of caffeine.

Drink coffee, get shit done.

5. It’s a tasteful gift

Coffee is a tasteful gift...and I mean that in many ways.

The definition of “tasteful” according to Google:

showing good aesthetic judgment or appropriate behavior.

I’m pretty sure coffee fits that definition.


And coffee tastes really great too. It is full of taste, it’s tasteful.


You can give a variety pack of coffee that includes all kinds of tastes. Not sure if the person you are shopping for is a light, medium, or dark roast kind of person? Buy all three! You’re bound to hit one of their favorites and maybe even open their eyes to an entirely new experience!


Also, there’s nothing rude or offensive about coffee, that sometimes a gift of wine can do. No chance of hurting anyone’s feelings.


6.There’s a ton of variety

As mentioned before, there’s no lack of variety in coffee.  There are as many coffee varieties out there as there are coffee drinkers (that's a little bit of an exaggeration but not that much). Simply walk into your local grocery store, and you’ll see shelves lined with coffee varieties.

And that isn’t even the good stuff!

Go online and shop around, you find flavors, roasts, origins, coffees that give back, coffee that is crazy cheap, and coffee that is crazy expensive. I suggest a coffee that does a little more good than harm in the world. And we believe organic, fair or direct trade is a great place to start.

Great tasting, high-quality coffee is not hard to find. The chances of buying the one type of coffee that someone does not like is very slim. 


7. It’s affordable

If you’re buying for the office party or some other type of gift exchange, you probably have some price limit on what you can spend. You have to keep your gift affordable. Coffee can definitely be that.

Sure you can find some coffee that is $400 a pound, but in reality, you can spend as much or as little as you want on coffee. It fits just about every budget.

Guaranteed you can buy a single bag of coffee that meets your limit. Or, buy multiple bags or a bag and travel mug combo or an intriguing coffee maker or just keep it safe and affordable and buy a single bag.

Coffee always fits your budget!

8. Worst case scenario, you keep it, and drink it yourself.

Win-win scenario here.

You’ve ordered the perfect coffee, but then you can’t make it to the office party. Or, you get the coffee and decide the smell is just too alluring to pass off (guilty of this). Keep it and drink it yourself!

If you made it this far you are probably already a coffee lover...maybe you’re drinking coffee as you read this. So if buying coffee as a gift for someone else fails, you have a nice gift for yourself. And it’s good to treat yourself every now and then.

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